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AmbiAF System

Raised Access Floor System

AmbiCastellated System

Screeded Floor

AmbiChipboard System

Joisted Floor

AmbiClip System

Screeded Floor

AmbiDeck 18 System

Low Profile for Tiling Over

AmbiDuoClip System

Screeded Floor

Ambiente PE-RT Pipe

Flexible and non-corrosive

Ambiente PE-XB/AL/PE-XB Pipe


Ambiente TM1-TS

Single Channel Timeclock 230V

Ambiente TM4-TS

Four Channel Timeclock 230V

AmbiFloat 10 System

Joisted Sub-Floor

AmbiFloat 10 System

Concrete Sub-Floor

AmbiFloat 20 System

Concrete Sub-Floor

AmbiFloat 20 System

Joisted Sub-Floor

AmbiFloat 30 System

Joisted Sub Floor

AmbiLowboard (EPS) System

Floating Floor

AmbiLowBoard (SRB) System

Floating Floor

AmbiPlate 20 System

Joisted Sub-Floor

AmbiPlate 20 System

Concrete Sub-Floor

AmbiPlate 30A Safer Section

Safer Section

AmbiPlate 30B Safer Section

Safer Section

AmbiPlate 30C Safer Section

Safer Section

AmbiPlyboard 22 System

Low Profile Joisted Floor

AmbiSolo System

Low Profile

AmbiStructural System

Structural Floor System

AmbiStructural System without Clips

Structural Floor System without Clips

AmbiTak System

Screeded Floor

AmbiWall System

Wall and Ceilings System

Bespoke Biscuit Screed System

Joisted Sub-Floor

Button Sensor

Plastic Button Sensor

CircoMax Pumpset

High Efficiency Manifold Pumpset

DS-SB Night Setback

Dial Thermostat

Electrothermic Actuator Head 24v

New generation electrothermic manifold actuator head

Floor Sensors

Sophisticated temperature sensing


Multi-function thermostat

NeoStat Controllers

Control from anywhere

On Wall Manifold Cabinets

Supplied complete and finished in white enamel

Programmable Room Thermostat

Flush mounting, slimline programmable thermostat

Pumped Mixing Manifolds

For higher than required hot water supplies

Standard Dial Thermostat

Surface mounted and simple to use

Standard Manifold

With Inline Pumpset

Standard Manifold

Standard Manifold

Thermoelectric Actuator


Touchscreen Room Thermostat

Slimline touchscreen programmable thermostat

Wireless Series Controller


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