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How can I be sure that my underfloor heating will not leak beneath the floor?

In our 16 years of trading we have never had any pipework leak. Last year alone we installed in over 4300 units and over 2.5 million meters of pipe. Our pipework is guaranteed from product defect for 75 years giving you complete peace of mind.

Is Underfloor Heating more efficient than radiators?

In almost all cases, yes, it is more efficient – this is because it utilises lower flow temperatures and works by more gentle radiation of heat rather than convection.

What floor coverings can be laid on top of underfloor heating?

Most floor coverings are suitable for use with underfloor heating, however you will need to consider the tog rating of your chosen floor covering – ideally this should be around 1.5 tog, and not exceed 2.5 tog.

Can underfloor heating be incorporated into any floor construction?

WMS provides systems to enable you to include UFH into most floor constructions. The most common method is to include the pipework within the floor screed build-up in the initial stage. However we can also cater for joisted, structural, floating, low profile and even wall-heating systems!

What is the best way to control underfloor heating?

Control is a key element of underfloor heating, as it can make all the difference to the efficiency of the system. As UFH takes a longer time than radiators to heat up and cool down, this needs to be taken into account on the programming of the system. WMS always recommends the use of a 7-day programmable thermostat, to maximise efficiencies and get the best out of your system. There are also upgrade options to be able to control the system from your smartphone/tablet.

Do WMS deal with the design element of Underfloor Heating?

Yes,WMS offers a full UFH CAD design service including pipework layouts, heat output calculations and in some instances heat loss calculations. All design work is carried out to relevant standards (in particular BS EN1264) and following CIBSE guidelines. No only that but we offer a fully comprehensive design, supply and install service for your peace of mind. 

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