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The 2025 Gas Boiler Ban

Thursday 8th August 2019
The 2025 Gas Boiler Ban

The UK Government has announced its plan to phase out gas-powered central heating. This means, from 2025 all new homes built will have to adopt alternative means of keeping warm. Electric radiators may be considered, but how will this impact on annual running costs?

Using electricity to heat a home is costly. At around 13p/kWh with an average annual demand at 3,100 kWh1, this translates to an average cost of £4652 to run for a single year. Whereas for every 1 kWh of electricity required, an air source heat pump, combined with an underfloor heating system will produce a further 2 - 4 kWh of renewable energy (that’s 300% - 500% efficient). This is because heat is extracted from the external ambient air and utilised through the heat pump to warm the property (even in the depths of winter there is always ambient heat to make use of – total absence of heat energy (0 Kelvin) is - 2730°C!). The modern heat pump, along with the low water temperature requirement of underfloor heating makes them a perfect combination for an energy efficient and cost effective heating system.

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