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The Cutty Sark is the most famous tea clipper ever built and is the only one to survive. Built in 1869 and named after a fleet-footed witch in the Scottish legend of Tam O’Shanter, the ship was almost destroyed by fire in 2007. Following lottery funding and public donations it was decided to conserve the ship to its former glory and build an imaginative new visitor centre at the ship’s home in Greenwich Dock.

The project raises the 980 tonne ship over three metres and a glass canopy encloses the dry berth to protect the ship’s hull from the elements. This allows visitors to view the clipper’s uniquely shaped ‘built for speed’ hull from below. The new facility also has an indoor shopping area and cafe.

Due to the unusual floor construction in the dry berth, underfloor heating panels were specially designed by WMS engineers. The installation featured a raised floor build up that was supported by pedestals holding large calcium sulphate boards pre-grooved to allow the underfloor heating pipe work to be laid flush within each panel. This provided a completely floating floor slab that as the primary heat source, capable of achieving at least 70 watts per metre. This is a unique design and was created by WMS designers using our experience and knowledge of underfloor heating and its wide range of applications.


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