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This Anglican Church situated in Golders Green, North London is part of the St Albans diocese and serves a multi-ethnic congregation in Finchley and surrounding areas. Built in 1915, the church was among the first public buildings in the UK to have a gravity fed underfloor heating system fitted during construction.

Churches are typically difficult places to heat, with high ceilings and stained glass windows that create huge heat loss. Radiators cannot effectively heat such a large area. With underfloor heating, the whole floor becomes a radiator providing even distribution of heat right where you want it.

As the parish was refurbishing the church, underfloor heating became the ideal choice of heating. WMS designed a bespoke system that would only take up minimal space, since they did not want to raise the floor level by too much. WMS installed pre-grooved and foiled expanded polystyrene panels between battens with the oak engineered floor laid on top.

WMS’s unparalleled service and dedicated commitment ensured that the system was installed on time and to a high quality.


Golders Green Parish Church


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