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project brief

Building a £3m+ home in sought-after location in Ascot, Surrey, demands high quality. Our client was looking to partner with a supplier who were able to support their buildability to create unique and exclusive homes.

The UFH heating needed to be aligned to the quality of the end product, the development had a robust concrete structure throughout and with the amount of natural stone finishes, a fine screed tolerance was required.

Our client pride themselves on going the extra mile, future-proofing the build to allow for homeowners to change the floor finishes at a later date was a priority. Compensating for specific areas of heat loss and potential temperature disparity across a room, for example near large areas of glazing / bi-folds is something we encourage.

the solution

One of our strengths is in design. Competent designs require knowledge, experience and complex software. As we hold this function in-house, we are able to design to a further degree and work with a combination of pipework spacings, flow rates, loop lengths and flow temperatures to achieve the desired end result. The result here was over and above the standard UFH requirements, and the exceptional room heatlosses was achieved. All floors had a quick drying performance screed laid over UFH and insulation.

the result

The end result of the property is stunning. The homeowner has piece of mind the property is benefiting from completely designed underfloor heating with temperature compensation for true home comfort.


client testimonial

"Grove House was a client build with a penalty clause built into the contract for late finish. It was a new build high spec house of 7800sqft in size. The project was completed 5 weeks ahead of schedule to a very high standard of finish. The client had an independent surveyor monitor the whole build process from start to finish and was covered under the Premier Guarantee scheme.

We have worked with WMS on previous projects and have always found them open to our build process especially in pre-start planning meetings.

We have built up a solid working relationship with WMS which makes the site works process much more easier to deal with.

Our relationship with WMS now extends to over 7 years their attention to detail, quality of work & experienced site operatives is exactly what we and our purchasers expect at this level of the market. We have found their commitment to our home owners once moved to be a huge bonus in our efforts to further enhance our reputation." CONSTRUCTION DIRECTOR

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