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As Hyundai dealerships increased their showroom space to meet increasing demand for its vehicles, the project involved the construction of a two storey car showroom and office space.

Total floor area was increased by 4,693ft2 over two floors comprising both retail and office space. The client wanted a heating system that provided comfortable and uniform heating across large areas without encroaching on the wall space. Underfloor heating matched these requirements perfectly and it quickly became the preferred choice for this project.

WMS used a structural floor system with an 17mm PE-RT pipe, clipped to the reinforcing steel mesh. This created a robust surface over which heavy vehicles can manoeuvre safely without damaging the system. The installation used superior quality controls allowing for individual room temperature control to all areas.

At WMS we are committed to ensuring that all our systems are compatible with the project in hand. Our top customer service, coupled with our quality products means that whatever the situation, we will always find the best solution.


Neale’s Hyundai Car Showroom


Tallis Construction




20 Weeks

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