St James's Street | WMS Underfloor Heating

Magnificent Grade II listed building is transformed into a collection of eight super prime residencies in one of London’s most prestigious districts.

Project Brief

Our client provided a specific brief - to supply and install the complete floor build-up package that met a very exacting set of acoustic, thermal and floor finish demands.

The Solution

Our experienced team of project designers worked with Knight Harwood to design a bespoke 30mm low floor build up floating floor panel that could meet all requirements within one elegant solution.

The material we selected provides a stable, strong and solid substrate for the varied marble, stone and timber finishes. The material density offers even heat distributuion and retention.

The Results

This is a super durable heating solution that gives the developer all the stability, strength, acoustic and perfection required for this prestigious residential project. This resulted in an ultra responsive underfloor heating system when combined with a building management system (BMS) which provides residents with with maximum flexibility and comfort.






Knight Harwood


6 months

Meet The Delivery Team

Martin Waite

Project Manager


Pirates wore eye patches so their vision was already adjusted to the low levels of light below deck.

Favourite Quote

"Our ability to handle life’s challenges is a measure of our strength of character" – Les Brown

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