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Screeded underfloor heating systems are our most popular underfloor heating systems. They provide a quick, flexible and effective form of heating within a screeded floor build-up.

With the majority of solid floor build-ups requiring an insulated screed to meet building regulations, this system can easily be accommodated into most floor applications without affecting the overall buildup.

The AmbiCastellated system provides a quick, flexible and effective form of heating within a screeded floor buildup as well as minimising the height of the overall floor construction.

The castellated insulation panel incorporates the insulation and clipping system all in one product. The product is available in a range of thicknesses and consists of a moulded plastic panel which is keyed to the insulation for stability - this also acts as a seperating layer between the insulation and screed. This provides an excellent clipping method for the pipework which is held and supported by the moulded castles. The pipework is installed in continuous loops and connected back to the manifold. Edge insulation is required to the perimeter of each area to counter expansion of the screed. Once complete, the system is pressure tested and witnessed to finalise the installation.

We recommend that the screeding process is scheduled to follow shortly after installation to avoid leaving the system vulnerable to damage. WMS should be notified if a liquid screed is being used, as the insulation must be sealed to provide a watertight base. Where controls are required from WMS, these will be supplied as ‘second fix’ items for others to fi t.

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AmbiCastellated System

System Facts

  • Low cost installation
  • Maximum output
  • Quick installation
  • Suits irregularly shaped rooms
  • Versatile pipe layout plan

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AmbiClip Cliprail System

AmbiClip Cliprail System

AmbiClip can be fixed securely to any insulation board. It is our most specified system, and is very cost effective.

AmbiTak System

AmbiTak System

AmbiTak is one of our least-cost systems. It must be installed onto a hessian-backed insulation board to ensure secure fixing of the pipe tacks.

AmbiCastellated System

AmbiCastellated System

AmbiCastellated is a cost effective system which can be laid over any insulation board or directly onto a concrete sub-floor.

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