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Designed to suit high load bearing floor constructions, the AmbiStructural underfloor heating system is perfectly suited for use in car showrooms, factories and aircraft hangers and many other high point load areas.

The AmbiStructural system can be used in a wide variety of applications where a load bearing structural floor is required. Such systems can be commonly found in car show rooms and airport hangers where point loadings can be extremely high.

High density flooring insulation panels of the required specification are laid over the complete floor area which is overlaid with an A142 reinforcing mesh on to which the underfloor heating pipework is clipped. The specialist 17mm underfloor heating pipework is secured to the mesh in accordance with the underfloor heating designs with no joins in the pipework under the floor. Each loop circuits back to the underfloor heating manifold, complete with flow regulating valves, ball valves, pumps, mixing valves, drain/fill points, auto air vent and pressure gauge.

The system must be filled and pressure tested upon completion and left under pressure whilst the concrete is laid. If controls are required from WMS, these will be supplied as ‘second fix’ items for others to fit.

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System Facts

  • Low cost and fast installation
  • UFH pipe is clipped to reinforcing mesh
  • Heating is applied evenly across large floor areas
  • Versatile pipe layout
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