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The AmbiPlate suspended underfloor heating system is designed to suit battened floor buildups but can be easily adapted to suit sprung sports floors, acoustic batten floors and over-battened floors.

The systems consists of aluminium diffuser plates being fixed directly on to the battens/joists. The plates contain grooved channels into which the underfloor heating pipework is installed in continuous lengths and piped back to the underfloor heating manifold.

Before the underfloor heating system is installed, insulation should be laid between the battens and should be laid as close as possible to the underside of the pipework to maximise heating output.

The system is then pressure tested upon completion to 4 bar, witnessed by a site agent and signed off. The system should be left under pressure whilst the timber flooring is being laid to highlight any potential damage to the pipework during this process.

Controls and pumps (if required) are supplied as loose items for others to install. An ‘as Installed’ drawing will be issued after the installation for the client’s records.

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AmbiPlate 20

System Facts

  • Designed for battened floors
  • Maximum heat transfer
  • Even heat diffusion highly conductive
  • No impact on floor buildup
  • Quick response time

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AmbiPlate 20

AmbiPlate 20

Pipe is clipped into the AmbiPlate 20 metal plate which is supported by timber battens over a sub-base of concrete or chipboard.

AmbiPlate 30

AmbiPlate 30

In AmbiPlate 30 the metal plate is fixed to the tops of timber joists over a layer of mineral wool or rigid insulation board.

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