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Complete engineering solutions for you at every stage from innovative project design, complete system installation, balancing and testing.

We are a leading supplier and installer of underfloor heating systems for new build developments in the UK. Our capability is second to none with over 16 years of experience.

Helping developers, architects, consultants and local authorities achieve your aims by delivering the best heating and cooling solutions for your clients through an unbeatable combination of design, reliability and service.

Underfloor heating is the fastest growing sector within the heating industry and we continue to lead the way by investing in new technical developments with our suppliers and working closely with developers, architects, main contractors and sub-contractors to provide total solutions in our field as well as comprehensive training programmes for our installation teams.

And we channel all this shared experience, knowledge and research into helping you achieve your goals, meet deadlines and fulfil commitments – your project success is our business.

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Mission Statement

We lead in underfloor heating within the residential construction market. Our people and family culture are our competitive advantage. We love what we do and have a passion for delivering successful projects.

WMS Heartbeat

The heartbeat of our company is always in people, whether it’s our customers or employees. We’ve always been ambitious and we want to grow profitably to be market leader, but, our way – with enthusiastic happy customers and as an honest, family-friendly employer.

It’s simple, we thrive together with our customers, suppliers and staff in the most respectful, helpful and transparent way.

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