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The Ashmolean is the most important museum of art and archaeology in this country outside London. It is the oldest museum in Europe and has collections of great national and international importance. It is housed, in part, in one of the finest Greek revival buildings in the British Isles.

Designed by Charles Cockerell in 1845, this Grade I listed building is retained as the frontage for the new museum. The museum plays a key role in Oxford University’s policy of wider access as well as supporting university teaching and research.

The project consists of 8,812m2 of new build area, representing a 91% increase in area. The building is arranged over six floors including an excavated lower ground floor level. The spaces created are of high quality and serviced to meet modern museum standards. Underfloor heating was used to heat part of the refurbishment in the form of an ‘in-screed’ cliprail system. The even and gentle form of temperature control that underfloor heating provides made it a natural choice of heating.

The building comprises 37 new gallery spaces for the permanent collection in addition to special exhibitions, a two-storey education centre with designated entrance, office space for the curatorial and
administration departments, study collection spaces for the public to view objects by appointment, a new loading bay and transit store for the secure and dry transportation of artifacts and exhibitions, conservation studios and ancillary facilities.


Oxford University Fixed Assets Ltd


BAM Construction Ltd


Rick Mather Architects


9 Months



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Ashley Cooper

Managing Director


Love spending time with the family. I want those that work with me to enjoy their job and be inspired to achieve whilst making it fun. The average child laughs 300 times a day, adults only 15! Laugh more and live better!

Favourite Quote

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

Leon McCalvey

Senior Project Manager


I love running and did five consecutive bungee jumps when in Oz!

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"It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice!"

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