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Screeded floor systems are our most popular underfloor heating systems. They provide a quick, flexible and effective form of heating within a screeded floor build-up.


Our floating floor system offers a range of applications where similar panel types are incorporated into different build ups and configurations to provide a bespoke solution.


Underfloor heating for suspended floor systems are designed to suit battened or joisted floor build-ups. They can also be adapted to suit sprung sports floors, acoustic and overbattened floors.


Designed to suit high load bearing floor constructions, perfectly suited for use in car showrooms, factories and aircraft hangers and many other high point load areas.

Low Profile

Designed to offer a slim line alternative to our AmbiFloat systems. At only 18mm total floor build-up this is a popular option for both new build and refurbishment applications.

Bespoke Systems

With a combination of experience, knowledge and innovation, we are able to develop bespoke systems to fully suit your requirements.We will advise you on the most suitable system for your project.


All our installed products are manufactured in the EU and comply with international quality and environmental standards.

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