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The ‘Fabrik’ Coldharbour Lane development is the UK’s first ModernaHus development. The new ModernaHus scheme is a culmination of much research and development over the last two years to develop a solution, which not only meets, but exceeds criteria for housing developments in the UK and delivers a truly sustainable residential solution.

This development consists of two eight storey blocks offering 108 affordable one, two, three and four bedroom homes to tenants over a mix of shared ownership and social rented properties.

A key feature of this 5,497m2 development is its energy efficiency and sustainability. A well insulated building combined with underfloor heating results in reduced energy consumption, improved living conditions and increased saleabilty. All the apartments will be 44 per cent more energy efficient than standard homes and will help to reduce carbon emissions.

The underfloor heating solution used is commonly known as the ‘tacker clip system’. This system involves clipping the pipework directly to a gridded plastic laminate, pre-glued to a polystyrene insulation. With this system the pipe can be laid in a spiral pattern to ensure an even distribution of heat.

The whole installation took just seven weeks to complete which averages out at four apartments per day. WMS also took on the controls package, providing individual room time and temperature control as well as time control to the hot water system.


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