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Our original floating underfloor heating system has been developed over the years to provide a range of applications where similar panel types are incorporated into different build ups and configurations to provide a bespoke solution.

The foiled and grooved insulation panels are unique to WMS and are available in numerous different material types.

The AmbiFloat 30 system is designed specifically for joisted floor constructions and provides a stable and effective form of heating. Similar to the Ambiplate 30 system, the AmbiFloat 30 system incorporates the aluminum profile and insulation into one product. The insulation panels are made from high density insulation to provide increase strength and are available in various thicknesses starting from 50mm. Before the insulation panels can be installed, timber battens should be fixed to the sides of the joists at the required depth to support the insulation.

The insulation panels are over laid with aluminum foil to provide an equal distribution of heat and are grooved for the underfloor heating pipework to sit within. The pipework is installed in continuous loops within the floor back to the manifold in the normal fashion. The system is then pressure tested to 4 bar, witnessed by a site representative and signed off. Controls and pumps (if required from WMS) are then supplied as loose items for others to install. A drawing will be issued after the installation for the client’s records.

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AmbiFloat 30

System Facts

  • Can be used in existing floor constructions
  • Panels manufactured to suit layout plan
  • Rapid installation
  • Wide range of applications

View our Floating systems

AmbiFloat 10

AmbiFloat 10

The AmbiFloat 10 system has a foiled and grooved insulation board laid directly onto a sub-base of concrete or chipboard.

AmbiFloat 20

AmbiFloat 20

In AmbiFloat 20 our foiled and grooved insulation board is fitted between battens on a sub-base of concrete or chipboard.

AmbiFloat 30

AmbiFloat 30

AmbiFloat 30 comprises our foiled and grooved insulation board is supported by timber fitted between timber joists.

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